Glossybox: Mai 2017 / May box

Monday, June 05, 2017

Alustan tänasest ühte uut postituste sarja, kus avan koos Teiega oma ainukest tellimuskarpi.
Et siis iga kuu, kui tuleb uus Glossybox, avan selle koos Teiega piltide näol. Panen juurde toodete nimed ja millist neist eriti proovima kibelen.
Kes ei tea, mis on Glossybox, siis kirjutasin sellest natukene selles postituses SIIN.
Aga alustan siis mai karbiga, mis jõudis minuni alles kuu eelviimasel päeval.

Today I will start a new series of posts where I open my one and only subscription box with You.
Every month, when the new Glossybox comes, I open it with You thru pictures. I write what it contains and what I am really eager to try.
If You don't know what is Glossybox... It is a subscription box what You can order and You only have to pay 179 NOK, here in Norway at least. You can pay every month separately or as many boxes/months You want all together. Read more on there page HERE (if You are from Norway).
So I will start with the May box, what I got day before end of the month. Not nice!
Seekord oli karbis:
This time in the box:
Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL 6 ml
SB12 White mouth water 50 ml
Válquer Ice Hair Mask Total Repair 100 ml
Escada Fiesta Carioca Eau de Toilette 1.5 ml
Garnier Skin Active  Rose Moisture+ Day Cream 50 ml

Pean mainima, et järjest vähem ma Glossybox'i sisuga rahule jään. Iga korraga jääb karp minu arust kehvemaks. Sellest karbist ei ole ma üldse vaimustuses ja ehkki proovimisse läheb enamus selle sisust, siis vaimustuses ei ole ma seekord millestki. Eks mind huvitavad rohkem ikka meigi asjad ka, kui lihtsalt kreemid jne.
I have to admit, that I like the box less. In my opinion every month the inside is weaker and weaker. This time the inside is not interesting for me at all. I will try most of the products, but there is nothing really interesting for me this time. I am more into make up than creams and stuff.

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