Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Selle maski sain ma juba mõnda aega tagasi ühes oma Glossibox'is.
Kes ei tea, mis on Glossibox, siis see on üks paljudest tellitavadest karpidest ehk siis subscription box. Kirjutasin sellest natukene SIIN.
Katsetasin seda maski jaanuaris haiglas olles (õigemini haigla hotellis) ja lõpuks otsustasin sellest ka juttu teha. Kirjutan sellest natukene teistsuguses vormis kui tavaliselt, seda põhjusel, et proovides ei pannud ma maski kohta mitte midagi kirja. Sellest ka ainult üldine arvustus.

A while ago I got this mask from my Glossybox.
If someone don't know what is Glossybox, it is one of the many subscription boxes. I wrote a little bit about it too, but the post is only in Estonian, sry.
Anyway... I tried this mask back in January when I was in the hospital (rather in the hospital hotel) and now I finally decided to wright about it. Since I did not wright anything down when I used it, I can only say what I remember. Thats why the post is little different than my usual review posts.
Kahjuks ei tea ma selle hinna kohta midagi öelda, sest nagu mainisin, sain selle subscription box'ist.
Nagu selliste maskide puhul tavaks, oli ka selles pakis üks mask ühekordseks kasutamiseks. 
Aga et see oli selline huvitav mask, siis saime meie seda kasutada siiski kaks korda. Tean et see ei ole väga hügieeniline aga kuna me Taneliga jagame vahel hullemaidki asju, siis keerasin maski lihtsalt teistpidi ja nii sai ka tema seda proovida. Lihtsalt toodet oli veel peal küll ja veel. Tegemist oli huvitava maskiga sellepärast, et kui tavaliselt on lehtmaskid õhukese lehena, siis see mask oli nähtavalt mitmekihiline. Ja et minu nahk ei tõmmanud kõike toodet endasse, siis jätkus sellest ka Tanelile.
Pakil on kirjas, et mask on super niisutav ja energiat andev. Selle energia koha pealt ei tea ma midagi, niisutuse kohta küll. Hetkeks (selleks õhtuks) niisutas küll väga mõnusalt. Edaspidise kohta ma kahjuks jälle öelda ei oska, sest ma lihtsalt ei mäleta. Arvan aga et midagi erilist see siiski ei teinud, kuna oleksin seda siis ju mäletanud.
Kokkuvõttes mulle sellised maskid väga meeldivad, kahjuks vaid ühest kasutusest ma vaimustusse ei sattunud. Nii et ise juurde ostma ei kibele. Küll aga kasutaksin veel kui juhtubki, et kuskilt neid juurde saan.
Midagi halba ei ütle ja eriti meeldis mulle see, et mask oli mitme kihiline :)

I don't know anything about the price of this mask because like I said, I got it from the subscription box.
As this kind of masks usually are, this one also had one sheet for one use in a package.
But I got to use it two times :) I know that it might not be very sanitary to share, but Tanel and I have shared much more worst things, so I gave it to him too. The mask is such an interesting mask, because it had like at least two thick layers. Usually this kind of sheet masks have only one very sheer layer. So I just turned it on the other side and placed it to his face. And there was plenty of product left also.
On the package its written that the mask is super hydrating and energizing. I don't now about the last part, but I remember it was very hydrating. At least for that night. Did it last for the next days I don't remember, but I think it was nothing special (otherwise I would have remebered it).
Altogether I like this kind of masks, but this one didn't do anything special. I would not buy this myself but if I had any more of these, I would use them.
I will not say anything bad for this and I really liked that it had multiple layers :)


Tagasi blogi lainel / Back to blogging

Thursday, April 27, 2017

  No nii.... loodetavasti on väike paus selleks korraks läbi ja alustan jälle uute asjadega. Mitte küll asjadega vaid hoopis kosmeetikaga. Millegipärast huvitun ma viimasel ajal just kosmeetikast, olgugi, et ei jõua seda kõike nii kiiresti ära tarbida kui uut peale raban.
Täna lõpuks jagangi Teiega uut kraami, mis ma tellisin kosmeetika osakonnast.
Kuna olin pikalt hädas oma väga kuiva näonahaga, siis vajasin ma hädasti uut niisutavat näokreemi. Olin palju head kuulnud The Ordinary sarjast ja teada saades et seda brändi müüb ka Asos, otsustasin nende kosmeetika osakonnas natuke rohkem ringi vaadata. Leidsin sealt nii mõndagi huvitavat ja täna oma tellitud kraami näitangi. Enamusi neist olen ka juba proovida jõudnud aga et tahan teha neist Esimese Mulje postitusi, siis täna ma neist pikemalt ei kirjutagi. Ütlen vaid, et pettunud ei ole ma siiani üheski proovitud tootes.

Hopefully the short break is over and I start again with my new stuff.
Not just stuff, more like the cosmetic stuff. There is something that attracts me there more than usual, even if I'am unable to use it all up. Still I order or buy more and more.
Today I show You what I ordered from page.
I had trouble with my very dry skin for a long time, I needed a new face cream so bad. And when I heard that Asos is selling also The Ordinary, I decided to look around on there cosmetic section. I found some interesting stuff and made an order. Today I finally show them to You too. Some of them I have already used but since I want to make a First Impression post about them, I will not write anything about them today. I will say only that I have not disappointed any of the tried products.


Kingitused Indiast / Gifts from India

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

   Mõni nädal tagasi jõudis koju mu kallis õeke oma perega ja nagu tal ikka kombeks on, siis tõi ta jälle mõne põneva kingituse kaasa.
Alati on ta toonud igasugu erinevaid asju aga üks mis alati kombeks on, on pisike ümmargune karbike. Igal aastal on ta toonud ühe komplekti ja täna kahte viimast Teiega jagangi.
Kolmas ehk siis esimene karbike oli üksik ja see hoiab endas siiani mu väärtuslikemaid ehteid. Pildile see kahjuks ei jõudnud, kuna olin laisk ja lihtsalt ei leidnud jõudu seda teiselt korruselt tooma minna. Eelmise aasta ja selle aasta karbid olid mul aga kohe käepärast ja kuna need kaks sisaldavad ka midagi erilist, siis sellepärast neid Teile näitangi.

Few weeks ago my dear sister (and her family) came back from India. She always brings us some presents and as a tradition she brings me a little hand made round box. The first box was alone (it still keeps my jewellery), but last two has been a set. And inside there has been a little surprise.
I was lazy and I did not have the strength to go upstairs to get my first box, so only last two sets made it to the picture. And today I show them to You too.
Nüüd tuleb vaid oodata, et saaksin kätte oma beauty roomi mööbli, siis saaksin need komplektid kohe ka kasutusse panna.

Now I only have to wait my beauty room furniture so I could put the boxes to use in there.

NB! Suured suured tänud mu armsale, kes ka puhkusel olles ikka meie peale ka mõtleb!


Kaks tellimust ja üks linnas käik / Two orders and one city break

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Mõnda aega tagasi tegin ma veebipoodidest päris mitu uut tellimust. Mõnda neist ei ole ma siiani kätte saanud aga kaks Norra tellimust sain kätte vähem kui nädalaga. Minu jaoks oli see üsna üllatav, sest varem pole üksi pood oma kaupa nii kiiresti minuni toimetanud.
Vähe sellest, et nende pakkide üle rõõmustasin, tegime me ka väikese sõidu lähimasse linna (Bodøsse) ja sain ka seal üle väga pika aja shopata. Imestan ise ka kust selleks jõu leidsin. Viimati suutsin vaevu ühes poes käia ja olin läbi. Seekord pidasin aga terve päeva vastu :) 
Kõiki oste ma siin ei jaga aga mis kosmeetika vallast minuga kaasa tuli, neid näitan küll, lisaks interneti kaudu minuni jõudnud pakkidele.

Some time ago I made a few new orders thru internet. Some of them I still have not receved, but the orders I made in norwegian webshops, these came to me less than a week. I was really suprised, because its the first time that a webshop delivered an order that fast.
And since we had to make a trip to the city (Bodø), I had a chance to shop around there aswell. I do not know were I got the power to do that :) Last time we were there I was able to go to one shop and that was it. This time I made it thru the hole day.
I will not show off everything we bought, but some of the cosmetic stuff I will show and of course what came thru the internet.

Aja jooksul hakkab Teieni ilmselt jõudma ka mõningaid Esimese Arvamuse postitusi, sest mitmed tooted on minu laual täitsa esimest korda.

Probably in the future You will see some First Impression posts because lot of the stuff is new on my table.

Pildipostitus/Picture Post

Üks pilvine õhtupoolik Laukvik'us / One cloudy evening in Laukvik

Monday, April 03, 2017

  Enne veel kui hakkan oma uut kraami tutvustama, tahan jagada ühte postitust, mis koosneb ainult piltidest. Ammu pole ju siin blogis pildipostitust näha saanud ja ei tea millal seda värsket kraami (pilte) jälle näha saab. Ei ole ma veel siiani korralikult jalgu alla saanud, nii et igasugu matkad ja pikemad jalutuskäigud on esialgu ainult unistustes.
Tänane pildipostitus on juba mõnda aega lihtsalt mustandite all seisnud ja miks mitte seda ka lõpuks Teiega jagada.
Tegemist on meist umbes 45 minuti autosõidu kaugusel asuva kohaga ja tahaks nii väga sinna jälle tagasi minna. Kahjuks ei ole minust veel nii palju asja ja pean ise ka hetkel vaid piltidega leppima.

Before I start to present my new stuff, I want to share this post, consisting only images. It has been a long time since You have seen a picture post in here and I still don't know when I get some fresh stuff (photos) to show. I still don't have my feet working perfectly, so all sorts of hikes and longer walks are initially only in my dreams.
Today's post have been standing just below the drafts for some time now and why not share it with You.
Place called Laukvik is about 45 minutes drive from us and I would like to go back there again. Unfortunately I can't go there yet and I have to  just look at the pictures with You.


Üks eriti ilus pudel / One really beautiful bottle

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Üks asi veel, mis me viimasel ajal ostunud oleme on midagi koju.
See on midagi eriti head :)
Kolasime ühes lähedal asuvas poes ringi (põhiliselt on seal rõhku pandud siiski ehitustarvetele) ja järsku jäi silma üks eriti ilusa välimusega toalõhnastaja. Klientidele nuusutamiseks/lähemalt uurimiseks oli pandud "vanilla cotton" pudel (mis näeb lihtsalt ise juba nii ilus välja) ja arvasin, et see on just see mida me oma koju vajame. Ja siis kui nägime, et neid lõhnasid on erinevaid, siis otsustasime hoopis just selle "orange blossom" kasuks. See on nii hea värske lõhnaga, et võtab jalust nõrgaks :)
Suurt ala see kahjuks ei lõhnasta. Meil on see hetkel vannitoas ja selle ruumi lõhnastab see vabalt ära küll. Ja kuna vannitoa uks on pidevalt lahti, siis vahel tunneb isegi möödaminneski seda head lõhna.
Ohhh.... Ma olen nii õnnelik, et me selle leidsime ja ilmselt tuleb seda tulevikus veel ja veel osta. Kahjuks oli ka hind üsna krõbe, 199 NOK (umbes 22 eurot) aga loodan, et see kestab kaua ja on oma hinna vääriline.

One more thing which we recently have bought is something for home.
And this is something really good :)
We were looking around the shop near by (main thing in there was the construction stuff) and suddenly caught my eye one especially beautiful diffuser. For the customers they had put out for sniffing/closer investigation the "vanilla cotton" bottle (which looks just beautiful itself) and I thought that this is just what we need in our home. And then we saw that they have different smells, we decided to get the "orange blossom" one. This is so good fresh scent that it takes my knees buckle :)
Unfortunately it does not work for large areas. We have it in the bathroom and the room smells so good and fresh. Since our bathroom door is open all the time, we can smell the good scent when we pass by.
Ohhh .... I am so happy that we found it and probably we have to get it more in the future. Unfortunately, the price was also quite crisp, 199 NOK (about 22 euros), but I hope it lasts a long time and is worth the price.